What do you do for $$$ while traveling?

“What do you?” is a question that is ubiquitious not just in New York. It’s different when you’ve been traveling for a year and a half and someone asks you, “How do you fund your travels? What do you do?”Social Media

Here are my answers:

“I’m a social media consultant”

“I’m a social media strategist”

“I manage people’s’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram”


After which, I’m met with sets of blinking eyes and the follow up question, okay?

“I come up with content”

“I create the content… I use Canva and other tools. I post to Instagram manually”

“Yes, people actually pay me to do this.

And I love it! It may be hard for you to wrap your head around the fact that people actually pay people like me to do this because you yourself are probably an avid Instagrammer or Facebook user and nobody ever taught you how to use it.

Using it is one thing, using social media to market yourself or product  is an entirely different world.

But can’t you just Google it? Of course you can! But that’s like asking, why take Spanish lessons when you can just Google it? It’s not that easy. If you want to learn how to say the most basic things to get by, “May I get a beer, where is the bathroom?” Ha ha, Google it!

With Facebook, you can post, post, post till eventually something will stick. But what if you’re getting a high reach (a lot of people are seeing it)? And no likes? Did you know that could hurt you and diminish your profile from people’s newsfeeds?

Social Media Consultant

Took a cooking class in Lima, where I spent 6 weeks practicing yoga.

One of my clients outsourced her content to a third party who post to her Facebook page 3 times a day. That was a good start because “consistency” is the first thing that a rookie learns. But once you galvanized 30 plus fans, it’s time to put more strategy behind it. And that begins with taking a long look at the “Insights” page.

Social Media Marketing is tough. It’s tough because gone are the days when you used to turn on the TV and have commercials blast call to actions, “Buy my shit!” You can still pay thousands of dollars to force feed people your ads via television and the radio but we have Netflix now. We have Podcasts now, Torrent, and Spotify (the commercials aren’t that bad). And we have many addictive social media channels to consume media without the nuisance of commercials.

One of the reasons why Facebook is so successful (in my opinion) is because their algorithm is set to make the user spend as much time on Facebook as possible. People don’t go to Facebook to be sold to. You’re not there to buy sh, stuff. And yet the biggest brands in the world spend millions to market on Facebook. Why? Because that’s where people spend their time. So how do they do it? They invest their energy (time and money) in finding ways to engage with their consumer, and only after giving, giving and giving so much, they finally throw in a hook and ask for the sale.

Social Media Expert Gary Vaynerchuk compares the formula to being in the boxing ring: you jab, jab, jab then, throw a hook. Meaning, you give, give, give and then ask for the sale.

A brand that does this well is Nike Women. No doubt, they’ve spent millions of dollars on their Margot vs Lily models, telling stories of their adventures. Occasionally, advertising a product here and there (small hooks).

On Twitter, I gotta give it to Taco Bell who listen to their fans and respond in a timely manner. On Instagram, I’ve looked at the New York Times account for inspiration. What these brands have in common is that while yes, they are on Social Media to sell, they do it by serving first. They give ME what I want, they listen to me and spend time creating content that will engage me. I in turn, reward them with likes and comments.TacoBell-on-twitter

Since I mentioned three social mediums, it’s worth mentioning that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all speak different languages. So if you’re the type to copy and paste the same content (and captions) to all social media platforms, I encourage you to pause, check the analytics and see if it’s working. Chances are that one of the medius is chipping away at your audience.

Anyways, I’m in Arequipa, Peru now. Reason why I haven’t blogged in so long is because of work. I have several clients, I manage two Instagram accounts, a Twitter account and several Facebooks. I’m looking for a client who needs help with Instagram. Ideally, I would like to work with someone who is flexible and can trust me to make decisions on my own. I’m also available for 1-on-1, 1 hour sessions. If you need someone to hold your hand while you open your Facebook or Instagram account or need someone to review your social media account (what are you doing right? What are you doing wrong?), we can chat. Since I love chatting about social media, I won’t charge you as much as I charge my clients. I’m also available for exchanges!

With that being said, I created a Facebook Business page. I’m shy about it so I’m going to build it very slowly. You can like it at facebook.com/wannajuanasocialmedia
As far as traveling, James and I changed our plans. Instead of heading to Santiago in Chile, we’re heading to Brazil to escape the cold. Now is also the time for Americans to go there because the visa fee is waived from June 1 till mid-September. I’m going to learn Portuguese real soon!