Laos – The Greyhound is No Worse than Communism

That was a hell of a bus ride. I realize this is my second post about buses but my bus rides haven’t been this bad since the US. At least in Laos, the food was cheap, healthy and delicious. The internet was also surprisingly fast. I feel out of it right now.
James has a migraine and I have work to do – a blog about real estate in a red part part of the country – before I go out and feast on my first bowl of Pho in what looks to be one of the many amazing cities in Vietnam: Hue. I’m also running on three hours of sleep, down from my regular nine. Digital nomads are rulers of their world except when communism is involved and leaves you no choice but to take that one bus and overcharge you for it. It could be worse, it could be The Greyhound.
Can you believe it? They called this bus the VIP even though lacked air-conditioner. Crossing the border from Savannakhet to Huey was a miserable 9-hour ride. One passenger saved the day. He brought his puppy onboard! What a coincidence. It’s national Pet Day and I got my fix.

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