Cuon Restaurant Review – I’d go back

picture of the Sour Sake cocktail at the Cuon Restaurant - Medellin restaurant review Medellin food review digital nomad Medellin expat

Cuon Restaurant Review in Medellin, Colombia

Three stars for an Asian restaurant in Medellin is not bad. It means that it’s worth a try and that in some cases, I’d go back. In my last food jaunt in Medellin, I went with the usual suspects: Trudy and Debbie. This time we checked out Cuon which is somewhat of a high-end restaurant in Poblado. We shared two appetizers, three entrees, and two cocktails.

Appetizers – Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review

I was a fan of the Tempura huevo. Since I was pregnant not too long ago, I couldn’t eat runny eggs for the 7 months and 3 weeks that I knew I was pregnant so now I covet food that feels raw (even when it isn’t, do poached eggs count?) I think this appetizer was wrapped in a slice of ham. I couldn’t tell what it was because we sat on the terrace. A beautiful terrace! But it was so dark that all three of us had to hover our phone-lights just to see the presentation of our foods.

“Waiter, can you bring us another candle, please? Gracias.”

That didn’t help at all.

Next up was the highlight of the meal. The tuna tartare on top (montado) of a croquette. It was three pieces so enough for us to taste. It was a flavor fest and we loved it.

picture of appetizers at Cuon Restaurant - Medellin restaurant review Medellin food review digital nomad Medellin expat

To the left is the runny egg appetizer, to the right is the tuna tartare which was a hit. The chopsticks are misleading.

Entrees – Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review

I was really excited about the ramen. I had tried the ramen at Sumo and Oppa and they’re both legit–enough to fill the void (for what it is at its price point, they’re a solid 4 stars). Since Cuon’s prices are pricier, my expectations were high so we went for the vegan ramen and… here’s my problem with it: the mushrooms were the size of giant marshmallows and the side of kimchi arrived too late. I had to ask for it! While Debbie liked the broth, I yearned for a silver packet of msg. It’s not that it wasn’t salty enough, perhaps it had too much soy sauce, perhaps I needed chopsticks (which they never offered) or perhaps, I didn’t appreciate chewing on a chunk of fungus for half an hour. The unami just wasn’t right. If I want ramen, I’ll go back to Sumo and Oppa.

green curry in the dark at Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review digital nomad medellin expat

My second attempt at snapping pictures in the dark. To the right, green curry! That sake bottle is decoration.

The green curry was good. It had plenty of sweet pineapple chunks. When I brought the leftovers to my husband that same night, it was uneventful. He was just glad that he had something to eat while he watched A Closer Look with Seth Myers.

The Pad Thai was acidic. Trudy felt the same way. I liked that there were plenty of peanuts but there was hardly any eggs. I think a fried egg would’ve alkalized the ph level of this dish.

Cocktails – Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review

Since I’m breastfeeding, I didn’t want to have a full drink but I just had to try the SAKE SOUR. What? Sake, with rum? Yes, please! I convinced Trudy to split the cocktail with me and we loved it. It reminded me of a very good Moscow mule that was not shy to grate in the ginger. There was a layer of foam on top and some cardamom. Mmm, cardamom. They must’ve imported that from thousands of miles away because I never saw that at any Exito or Zona Azul.

Debbie got a pinkish whiskey cocktail that was fabulous. I tried looking up the name of the drink for you but their website doesn’t have a menu; they prefer that you scroll through their social media instead.  I’ve been told not to mix my liquors but when I come back, I’ll make an exception. Drinks are around 30,000 COP each.

picture of the Sour Sake cocktail at the Cuon Restaurant - Medellin restaurant review Medellin food review digital nomad Medellin expat

In love

Will I Return? – Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review

Yes! I’ll return for cocktails and appetizers. Cuon has a nice bar table that reminds me of the stalls in Tokyo (only with chairs). I’ll take my husband here–sometime when I’m done breastfeeding–and share a few cocktails and maybe try out the sushi. Does anyone know if they stuff their sushi with a layer of cream cheese? That’s a thing here in Colombia and I’m not a fan. Not saying that it’s wrong. Did you know that in Japan, people DON’T dip their sushi in wasabi mixed with soy sauce? Must be an American thing and, who invented that? I love it!

The setting at Cuon also makes it a good place to unwind with a friend after a long day at work or hard week in the dating scene (not me). We got a table at 6:40pm and nobody was there but it filled up within an hour. They don’t take reservations but it was a Tuesday night so don’t ask me if it gets busy.

The service was above average for Colombian standards. Our waiter looked super cute in the dark and he gave us some of that silent service. I love it when a waiter refills my water without asking! Just don’t expect them to ask you if you want another drink (Debbie would’ve taken it, I would’ve if I wasn’t breastfeeding). We also didn’t get a dessert menu which was fine by me! Not that I mind midnight sugar rushes. Afterward, Trudy and Debbie went on the prowl for some icecream and I went back home to my hubby and this princess.

baby - Cuon Restaurant in Medellin Food Review

“Mommy, it’s past my bedtime and James doesn’t have any tits!”

$ $ $ $

(out of 5)

Our entire meal with 10% tip cost just over 280,000 COP

Portions were surprisingly decent. We couldn’t finish it all so we took some to go. Since Cuon doesn’t have biodegradable bowls, we couldn’t take the ramen and I didn’t want to throw it away so I forced myself to eat two giant pieces of mushroom. Bleh.