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Since my bandwidth is nearly at maximum capacity, I’m only offering the services below. – JD

1) Instagram Audit + Power Hour Session $75

cheap instagram audit and 1 on 1 instagram training session

Just when you feel like something is going right, the likes plummet or the comments seize. What counts as engagement when so many people mindlessly hit the “like” icon without READING the caption? Wait, does that count as engagement? If you’re seriously asking that, then that’s okay! I’ve done all the research and will answer all your burning questions during our call.

It’s not you, it’s them! Instagram’s dynamic algorithm is at fault!


Sure. It could also be you. Knowledge is power and the opposite is also true.  In my power hour session, we’ll discuss actionable steps you can take to meet your Instagram goals.

Whether you’ve been on Instagram for years or just opened one up and don’t know what to do, I’ll hold your hand WITHOUT overwhelming you. In our audit, you’ll get:

  • An analysis of your best performing content and tips to leverage what you’re already doing
  • Tools to help you drive traffic to that opt-in and grow your email list
  • Personalized hashtag suggestions to increase your reach

Ready to get started? I would love to meet you too! Simply take this survey to help me learn about you. Taking the survey alone will also help you clarify what your business objectives are with Instagram.

Audits are turned in within 2 days. Once payment is received, I’ll email you with my calendar for our 1 – on – 1 session. An audit without the 1-on-1 session is just $60.

2) Twitter Audit + Power Hour Session $75

Need help with Twitter? Email me at with the subject line: Twitter Check

3) Improv and Public Speaking for Business Owners

This is an interactive workshop. Get ready to laugh and learn techniques to help you shine on stage, no matter what your experience is! There are no hacks here, just tried and true methods to help you become the best version of yourself on stage. Email me at with opportunities.


Client Work

Social Media

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some big names. I love working behind the scenes and seeing the account flourish. Below are some of my past and present clients.

Alexandra Jamieson – health coach

Brands For The Heart – branding agency

Erin Stutland – mind/body coach

Judy Cohen – The Movie Blog for Italian Language Students

Livia Diamonds – jewelry

Livie and Luca – shoes

Liz Lange – fashion

Nicole Jardim – health coach

She Shines On Dance Tours – travel company



Marketing Manager at Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-Law in Belize

Consultant at Christopher J. Arrigali, P.C. in New York 


Public Speaking

Before I turned the world in my co-working space, in California, I was active in the improv community and at my local Toastmaster Club. Professionally, I worked in sales (did everything from door-to-door to telesales) and I was a city tour guide for Bite San Diego.

As a Public Speaking coach, I helped people improve their public speaking skills by teaching them how to present the best version of themselves on stage. Here are some of the workshops I’ve lead:

Dojo Bali – 2017 Public Speaking for Business Owners Workshop
The Healing House Cusco – 2016 Improv Workshop
Women at Willis – 2015 Improv for Business Workshop

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