2019 – September – Food Review – Cuon Restaurant in Medellin – I’d go back
Three stars for an Asian restaurant in Medellin is not bad. It means that it’s worth a try and that in some cases, I’d go back. In my last food jaunt in Medellin, I went with the usual suspects … More here.

2019 July – Cultural Differences – Colombians & Americans – A Quick Guide For Pregos and Post Pregos
When I was pregnant (about six weeks ago), many women touched my belly without asking. I expected it. I probably even welcomed it … More here.

2018 – Eating Alone in New York and Other Foods That Have Melted My Heart
Having the best pizza in New York is one of those unique experiences that only a certain place and maybe even time can enable; where the food is unlike anything you’ll ever taste. Some examples in my life include… More here.

2018 August – Sad and Lonely in Vietnam
I dedicate this piece to Anthony Bourdain, who may rest in peace. I also dedicate this to all the world travelers and especially to the travelers who are searching for happiness. Very few people are as gutsy… More here.

2017 November – Fumbling for Sake and Words
I had no idea what he served and I didn’t care. I was suddenly transported to a scene in Kill Bill, Volume 1, just moments before Lucy Liu chopped that guy’s head off. I wanted to be a part of that scene! More here.

2016 March – Colombia – The Trampoline of Death
If you take the Trampoline of Death ride in the afternoon, it helps to have a good (or even native) grasp of Spanish—you don’t want to arrive to Pasto and appear vulnerable at night. More here.

2015 July – Panama – Volcano Baru
Climbing to the summit of Volcano Baru was the most grueling, strenuous and emotional hike of my life. It was so bad that if I had to do it again, I would not! It was so bad that three miles into the hike, the realization that there was no way to turn back made me cry, “Why would anyone do this to themselves? This is beyond silly!” Before I go into further detail, I will assess the situation for you. More here.

2015 January – Cuba – Part 2: The Food, The Bad, and The Ugly
“Havana is Cuba, but Cuba is not Havana.” I am a city girl okay, born and bred in LA. My top favorite place in Cuba is Havana. I love Havana! More here.

2015 January – Cuba – Part 1 – Old Cars and Homoerotic Dances
I tried to watch vicariously through the local audience, I tried to be a naïve Juana, 12-years old being pulled close to her conservative mother’s arm, one hand covering her eyes, my hand removing it. I felt tense. More here.

2008 January – Cambodia – Joyride – Part 1 – My last Deal with God 
I estimated that it would take me four days to complete the trip. For reference, it takes a boat four hours to make the trip, and a bus takes about two. More here.